Hi, I’m Laura! a 20-something living in San Antonio TX with my sweet husband and our two angel babies. From a very young age, a few things were clear to me. First, I loved arts, crafts and really anything that got my creative juices flowing. Second, this girl could dream. I often found myself caught up in my own little world, letting my imagination run wild, with vivid day dreams where I would brainstorm and create entire visions from start to finish. And third, I get really excited about sharing those dreams with people. I think magical things happen when the right people come together with similar goals in mind, and I’ve held on to that idea as a driving force behind my business.

As a child, my elementary school art teacher had the best job, no question and I decided that there was no better job for me. As a pre-teen I discovered the world of seventeen, teen vogue and cosmo-girl and as I read through every single page and then cut out my favorite pieces to make a collage, my fate was again re-decided that I would one day work for a magazine. In high school, plans changed yet again when I took a photo journalism class for an easy A, and as it goes, I fell in love with the art and how I was able to connect with different people and my surroundings. 

When I look back, it’s hard not to get emotional thinking about how all of those seemingly naive yet eager day dreams have come together in such a beautiful way. Bigger and so much better than I ever could’ve hoped for. I am beyond grateful.

And also…so happy you’re here! Thanks for reading along.


psst…Did I already ask if you wanted to be friends?







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